1-2-1 sessions

Even the best relationship can get a bit rocky at times, and human-canine relationships are no different.  We offer 1-2-1 sessions with owners and their dogs who may be experiencing problems.  As someone experienced in dealing with behaviour issues, we is well placed to identify any problems and their causes, and to come up with solutions to address them.  1-2-1 sessions offer the opportunity to discuss your dog’s behaviour, obedience or socialisation in a supportive and unstressful environment.

All dogs will be required to attend a 1-2-1 session prior to joining a class. This is to asses the dog before deciding what is the best way forwards.

Some dogs are not capable of dealing with the excitement of a class situation, so may require more home training before being suitable for a class.

During the 1-2-1 the problems you are having with your dog will be discussed and also what you require from your dog. You will be introduced into some exercises that will help you get to that point.


Sessions will take place at Devoran, although we can organise sessions at your home under certain circumstances.

The cost of a 1-1 session at Devoran is £25 unless otherwise discussed.