Basic obedience

Basic obedience can either follow on from puppy training sessions, or can be done as a separate course when the dog is a little older.  If you’re intending to do basic obedience with an older dog we will set up a 1-2-1 session with you first.

The aim of basic obedience is to maintain your dog’s good manners, and to build up its responsiveness to your commands.

During these classes we look at loose lead walking and some other basics as well as relationship development through clicker training, platform work, scent work and other games.

Payment for these classes will be done on a monthly basis at £6 per session, however, if you wish to pay on a weekly basis the class cost is £8. Space is limited with a maximum of 4 dogs in a group, but once you have a space, it is yours for as long as you wish to continue.