My dogs


Siren is a Blue and white Border collie, she has competed at Heelwork to music and works the top level of both sections of this discipline. She is the first dog in Cornwall to achieve this. She has also done some sheep herding, which she adores, she is now 10 years old

Zeff is a Crossbreed dog  I took on as a Puppy, he is a very interesting mix and has been a steep learning curve! He enjoys playing at training, and is a wonderful teacher for puppies.

Enya is a red tri-colour Border collie. She is related to Siren and is a very special dog. She competes at agility and is currently running at Grade 5, she has done some Freestyle and adores sheep work. She is a very kind dog and loves to learn!

Emrys  is Enyas nephew, he is a fun loving dog affectionately known by several other names! He competes at agility but has also done the Talking dogs scent 1 and 2, and is currently doing the IMDT Happy grippers course. He is also lovely to work on sheep and has a very gentle way about him.

Quest is the baby of the group also related to the other collies, currently under a year old, she is a very fun loving dog who is showing a nice interest in training. I hope to start her working sheep this year.