Puppy classes

Puppy classes are designed for puppies between the ages of 10-20 weeks (from the start date of the course).  As well as providing useful insights into canine behaviour issues, the classes also allow invaluable opportunities for puppies to socialise with each other in an controlled environment.

The course runs over 6 sessions, consisting of an individual 1-2-1 and 5 other 1 hr group sessions.

The 1-2-1: This session is designed to meet you and your puppy and to discuss your relationship.  We will look at any puppy problems you’re having, such as chewing and house training.  We can also talk about other issues such as lead walking, jumping up and how to distract your puppy if it’s getting up to mischief.

During this session we will start the training process in an environment with fewer distractions than the outside world.

This is very important as the time of class you would like may not be starting for a couple of weeks, and this will allow you to commence training your puppy as soon as possible to get you both on the right track.

5 x 1hr sessions with other people and their puppies.

Week 1: This is an introduction to clicker training, looking at Focus exercises and some handling techniques.

Week 2 : This session will focus primarily on lead walking and Stay.

Week 3: This session will concentrate on recalls and playing.

Week 4: This looks at teaching puppies polite approach to other dogs and also calm greetings of people

Week 5: This is a refresher course of everything we have covered and a look at what options there are to continue on with your Puppy.

Courses are run throughout the week during the day and in the evening.   The initial 1-2-1 is arranged to suit your availability.

The course fee is £55 and there are a maximum of 5 pups in a group.