Rainbow bridge

When our canine companions have to leave us it can be very hard. The bond between human and dog is very strong.

These are my guys who have left for rainbow bridge.

Skip – She was my first Collie who started my love for the breed, she was never an easy dog, but very loving.

Jasper – My second collie, who was brown and white, often mistaken for a spaniel cross as it was much less common to see this colour 20 years ago.

Tassle –  Another collie (or cross – who knows!) She was the first dog I competed at Canine freestyle with as well as teaching me a lot about reactivity in dogs.

Pippin –  Was a little feral dog who came to us via the NAWT. He was never a dog you could treat as a ‘normal’ dog, but it was an amazing thing when he started to trust you. A very special boy indeed.

Gabe –  was a crossbreed of unknown origin who came to me when he was 2 and a half. He was a real gentleman of a dog and had the most wonderful nature and personality.

Trip –  A gundog crossbreed who came to me when she was 11 months. She also taught me a lot!