Scent work

Scent work is a fast growing area of dog training. Several groups have set up progression levels for handler/dog partnerships to work towards. Initially we started using the Talking dogs scent work system, but have since looked at elements from the WSDA (world scent dog association) as well.

Scent work is a wonderful thing to try with any dog and EVERY dog is capable of doing it. It is suitable for every breed, of every age. Also great work to do with dogs who are reactive or have injuries that prevent them from doing high impact work.

Scent work is mentally tiring and very satisfying for dogs.
There are several ways to work with scent games, mainly we use food, or toys which are associated with another scent (We use catnip in classes). In classes we work on Active indications with the dogs searching boxes, cones, bags or anything else that happens to be around.
We have started some passive indication work.

Scent work is usually integrated into most of the classes we run (excluding agility) although can be done on a 1-1 basis as well.